Synergy Art Group

Synergy Art Group

Synergy Art Group

26 November, 2018
Saudi Arabia

A Saudi based art gallery, Synergy Art Group represents a group of phenomenal artists from all around the world. Synergy artist are currently from Saudi Arabia, Canada, Russia, Mexico, Spain, Bosnia, China, Morocco, Germany, Lebanon, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Yemen and Kenya.

The beauty and passion shared through their art expresses how we may have differences, but we can all learn and appreciate these differences. This influence of culture impacts our lives in different ways. Synergy represents the beauty and challenges of living in Saudi Arabia. They all use different mediums of expression to create their individual art pieces.

Synergy’s vision is to be ambassadors of peace, tolerance, love and to be recognised globally and exhibit our work in different parts of the world.


The region's largest affordable retail art fair would not be possible without the help of our sponsors and supporters.