Petra Kaltenbach

Petra Kaltenbach

Petra Kaltenbach

30 December 2018

In 1985, Petra Kaltenbach earned a Master’s degree with in Visual Communication at FH Duesseldorf, Germany. For the next 20 years, she ran her own advertising agency successfully serving international clients.

In 2004, she moved to Dubai with her family and embraced the opportunity to follow her passion and intensify the time she spent on developing her skills and talents in fine arts. In 2014 she created QR_ART based around the core theme of Transformation. Petra envisioned QR_ART to express each creation in two different channels, one painted and one digital. The digital version is directly linked to a QR code.

As a communicator she felt the gap between observer and the medium of painting and also between observer and the medium of video/sound. Always being attached to technologies while reproducing her designs it seemed logical to her to use a (QR-) technology to fill this gap.


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