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Exhibitor Name:Albert Shena Stand: B17 Category: Solo Artist,

Albert Shena was born in Albania. Since 1991, he has been working in Athens. From his very first work, he has showcased his interest in developing drawings with an illustrative character, while, since 2000, his work has broadened its scope, often taking the form of structured visual art with the use of various media (painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, and more), depending, every time, on his expressive needs. Consequently, his work guides the viewer's gaze from daily life to the revelation of a deeper meaning, attempting to create a form of painting that distances itself from external stimuli and visible images, and focused on absolute and pure shapes that are inspired by motives that are internal to the soul. The artist himself proceeds to an in-depth spiritual search, seeking the truth hidden within things. He creates his work based on archetypal shapes, which lead thoughts to the basic structures of nature and are capable of speaking for their content with the strength of their drawing and the texture of their materials. THE GOLDEN PEBBLE , 2020  For this new exhibition at World Art Dubai, the artist decided to relate a tale of the writer, Jorge Bucay. Every artwork represents a part of the story which is also tightely linked to the philosophy of Albert Shena.    


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