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Exhibitor Name:ALVARO ANTONIO CIRILLO Stand: A01 & A02 Category: Gallery,

The Latin-American Pavilion (LAP) is a space devoted to promote the Latin-American Art in Asia, a space to exhibit the work of a variety of talented emerging artists from Latin-America. LAP is a pioneer of its kind in Asia and a referring cornerstone of Latin-American and Western culture in artistic Asian circles. The LAP was founded in 2007 as the first foreign pavilion to be established in the long-standing Shanghai Art Fair, which since 2007 has allowed them to recruit more than 200 international artists from Latin-America. The LAP belongs to TRAZOS, a Gallery based in Miami (USA) and Shanghai (China) specialized in Latin American art. Since 2004 TRAZOS works in the promotion of artists from Latin America in the Asian market, having performed in the last ten years more than 100 international events where more than 50 international artists have been presented.


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