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Exhibitor Name:Alena Vavilina Stand: G14 Category: Solo Artist,

   2018 Selected artist by Russian Federation Embassy at Art Expo Malaysia Member of Asian Art Association (AAA) Biography and exhibitions: Since childhood Alena Vavilina was obsessed by art, she grew up in artistic environment, which later will be shown in her artworks. Russian by birth, Alena Vavilina grew up in Moscow, European and Asian educated artist. School of Academic Art in Moscow gave AV the formal skills and knowledge about art. But it was only the beginning... She has always been fascinated by the elements of nature and how this nature is represented in art by other cultures. To further explore this concept, she needed to rid herself of the perceptions of art, created by academic art lessons and other artists, and instead started to explore her own personal style. This style would represent her life experiences and would showcase a world without boundaries. Most of her artworks are in the mixed media style. Mainly, AV is working with water color, ink, silver or gold leaf on paper. Such an interesting combination of media gives her an opportunity to create layering texture and unique style in her artwork.  AV artworks presented by international galleries such as: ART WEME Contemporary Gallery in Kuala Lumpur, Artisterys Gallery in Vienna, MJR Gallery in UK, IAM Gallery in Abu Dhabi.  AV art' artworks has been presented at the world known Contempoary Art Events such as: World Art Dubai, Art Expo Malaysia, Asia Contemporary Art in Hong Kong, Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, ArtBox project Miami and New York .In addition AV artworks and sculptures in numerouse privet art collections around the world.             


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