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Exhibitor Name:Meetu Garg Stand: D11 Category: Solo Artist,

In Art - I loose myself as well as find myself. I am a self taught artist from India, based in Dubai. Since childhood, I was always fascinated by colors and felt very connected to them. I found companionship in them and greatly explored them on paper, slowly setting them in definite shapes and boundaries. My love for painting continued even as I pursued my degree in Civil Engineering. Art has been my constant companion, shouldering me through the ebbs and flow of life. Adoption of yoga, mediation and reiki gave me a different perspective of viewing and admiring the world around me. The age old techniques have provided a mindset to find limitless inspiration in simplest of things. There is an inner zeal to reflect this in the form of my art hoping to connect at a more profound, a deeper level through my work.


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