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Exhibitor Name:NASSIM NASR Stand: Z2 Category: Solo Artist,

Based in Dubai, Nassim is a Lebanese born self-taught student of minimalism, abstract impressionism and action painting, and finds inspiration in the overlap of modern sensibilities with the complexities of the traditional. The mesh makes itself apparent in his multi-layered, boldly textured compositions – the scratches, scrapings and rubbings a physical manifestation of the eternally questioning mind. Nasr calls it “the interplay between the fundamentals – our nature, scientific absolutes, the building blocks of ordered society, etc – and the reality that any external force could disrupt that order. Chaos is a blink of an eye.” Nassim's technique involves adding and subtracting multiple layers of non-representational painting, starting with the application of primary color onto canvas using brushes and scrapers. Continuing using large format squeegees the picture is created in stages by reacting spontaneously to every element and form that appears. The process involves continuous application and scraping off paint to expose previous layers. Open to the viewer's interpretation, his work is a study in texture, color and contrast, the organic application with non-traditional painting tools resulting in fluid movement and rich detail.


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