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Exhibitor Name:Natalia Vasilieva Stand: Z27 Category: Solo Artist,

Dream in colors - Natalia Vasileva   Born in Moscow, the Soviet Union back then, Natalia Vasileva has become a world traveler. She first began her journey to discover the world very early on, when her parents have moved to Afghanistan for work. She grew accustomed to the Islamic culture and arts, which has, later on, influenced her to move to the United Arab Emirates. Despite coming from a family of lawyers and having a Master's degree in law herself, she is now more interested in pursuing her artistic talents. She loves painting and is a self-taught artist whose work leaps off the canvas in a spectacular array of colors. She has been featured in a number of magazines in the UAE and was the runner-up for The Inside-Out magazine house of the year award. Even though it took her a while to find her vocation, she has entered the world of fine art through her paintings and interior design. Natalia likes to think of color like a deep and mysterious language, “the language of dreams”. With her charisma, uniqueness, and creativity Natalia is definitely heading towards success as an up-and-coming new artist. The pandemic has put a strain on Natalia's travels  but has inspired her recent fascination with ponds and lily pads. Natalia creates exclusively using pallet knives, she compares her painting technique to playing the violin, with the pallet knife as the bow and the colors as the notes.  This is a very time consuming and skill intensive process due to the fact that layers have to be applied one by one as they dry.  Each artwork take around 60-70 hours, spread across 30 days to complete. She works exclusively with oils, which also adds on to the time spent.    


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