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Exhibitor Name:Ahmed Khedr Stand: D29 Category: Gallery,

"Everything You Can Imagine Is Real"     (Picasso) Nile Art DWC-LLC is an international art gallery and representative of modern and contemporary art, established in Dubai, UAE. We strive to offer to art collectors and lovers a unique access to a diversity of artists and styles. We propose a selection of masterpieces of most well-known modern and contemporary european artists, adding a particular focus on middle eastern talents. From Salvatore Dali , Joan Miro or Bernard Buffet to Omar Nagdi, Baya and Hamed Nada you will travel into a colorful universe of passions illustrated by various modern and contemporary artists. Working with a selected and strong network in Europe and USA we offer our clients the best original artworks to drive them in a world of imagination. You have a particular interest for an artist, a period ? We can find for you the artwork of your dreams. We believe art speaks to everyone a different manner and provides a range of emotions.


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