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Exhibitor Name:Nita G.K Stand: C10 Category: Solo Artist,

Nita had always been in love with painting since her very childhood and had practised it as a hobby. She has been a self-taught artist.he acrylic and oil painting made as a hobby became a severe vocation only three years back when she got drawn towards Resin art. She works with resin and adds resin to her previously done a few acrylic paintings. She has taken up resin art in a professional manner. She is a staunch believer in the law of Karma and Destiny, and her artworks show a reflection of her belief. Each piece she creates is a manifestation of the surging energies that lie within her. She is hopeful that her artworks will attract peace & positive vibes into the house of someone who uses her art pieces as décor. A large part of the profit she makes from the sale of her artworks will go into a donation. She will always be thankful to people who invest in her artworks. To maintain the beauty of her art pieces, they should be wiped with a soft, moist cloth. Her paintings are an excellent example of contemporary intellectual art and are indeed a must-buy. Nita had a successful solo art exhibit at Fidelity gallery in Bangalore in Nov 2019. Nita was the only India artist to represent at Shanghai International Art Fair 2019 with all her works sold out at the exhibit. Thank you. 


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