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Exhibitor Name:Petra Kaltenbach Stand: Z16 Category: Solo Artist,

Petra Kaltenbach moved to Dubai in 2004 when the transforming period of this city begun and which has lasted since that time. This process from the old into the new inspired her in many different ways and TRANSFORMATION became her core theme. As a fine artist, video artist, graphic designer and energy healer Petra experienced the special magic which has its home here in Dubai. The authentic inner transformation allows humans to step out of the restricted psychological conditioning and mental structures into freedom, expansiveness and peace of the true real nature.   Petra developed special techniques ( QR-Code, UV-printing) to express her inner attitude in many creative ways. She has been able to integrate her healing abilities into her art to mediate positive energies to the viewer, which provide him with positive vibes in many different life situations.   Shortlisted by the IEAA and for the Burj Khalifa Façade her art got attention and recognition. In 2018, World Art Dubai awarded Petra as the best UAE-resident-artist. Petra's art is not only playful and profound, but also transports transformatory thoughts in very unusual ways. Her next project is a co-creation of her designs and a fashion collection with ROXX-Fashion which will be launched in Autumn/Winter 2019. In 2019, Petra is part of the World Art Dubai curator team.


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