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Exhibitor Name:Marco Giordano Stand: A23 Category: Gallery,

Re d'Italia Art, which I am honored to chair, is an international society of art publishing and collecting.It provides a constant monitoring of the art market, both from a strictly artistic and an economic-financial point of view, with the function of supporting collectors and enthusiasts at every stage of their choices.Over the years, Re d 'Italia Arte has had relations with the best national and international artists.Our group is formed by collaborators of a ten-year experience, provided a constant monitoring of the market, both from the artistic and economic-financial point of view, with the function of supporting collectors and experts in every phase of their choice.The artistic experience has described and described the answer, or at least the stimulus, to solve the problems that arise towards the new creative impulses and social changes.The current languages ??of art are imbued with the experience of the artists. They reveal, unexplored worlds, a second of the artist's personal sensitivity.The observation of reality is the basis of every change. Most of the artists on display use known languages. This, the lungs are penalized in communication, strengthens them, and this gives us to know the relative access code, useful for breathing and sharing the most intimate emotions.The works of our artists have a coloristic strength and a life that has surprised us small cameos, now carefree playful, now dark and dramatic.Bright flashes alternate with meticulous techniques, darker, strongly expressive tones.  


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