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Exhibitor Name:Sara Alharbali Stand: W16 Category: Solo Artist,

SARA ALHARBALI is a Syrian Architect, Urban Designer, and founder of Tajrid Design, born and raised in Dubai, UAE, 1990. She has a diverse working experience in architecture and urban design with several built projects while working in Dubai, UAE. Her various interests in industrial art, material fabrication and passion for cities morphology and the impact of urbanity on civilizations were joint in her brand Tajrid. She is the first artist who introduced using the spectrogram concept as an expression of spiritual art for the recitation of the Quraan. Sarah is passionate about abstract art, spirituality and the intangible philosophical dimension of general matters (such as events, people, societies and designs in particular). Her art collection is an abstract depiction of traditional Arabic calligraphy wallart of Qura'anic Verses. In this series, she revives this kind of spiritual art while reflecting an Arabic-Islamic character, culture and civilization, to export to the world an unconventional way of expressing the blessings in Holy words, Revelation. Sarah started her collection of art and designs inspired by her studies and analysis of urban society and urbanization. Each of her artworks tells a deep story and carries an inspiring message. Her motivation in design is how to make indoor and outdoor spaces serve their end users functionally. In the process, she believes aesthetics of spaces are key in creating valuable healthier experiences and lifestyles for end users. Her long term goals is to inspire civilians to understand and adopt urbanity as a ‘mindset and lifestyle' in order to improve the quality of life in their cities. She participated in multiple exhibtions in Dubai and was featured in multiple magazines for her artworks. Also, she was shortlisted for the Ellington Art Foundation award for emerging artists in the middle east, The Arts of Silk Road Competition.


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