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Exhibitor Name:Tetiana Romanenko Stand: F13 Category: Solo Artist,

Hello! My name is Tatiana and I'm form Ukraine. I create jewelry tapestries from Japanese jewelry glass seed beads. Beads are very small. The size of one bead is 1.3 * 1.6 mm. My works are unique in that they use the maximum possible palette of color shades for such material - up to 1200. Among them, beads coated with 24-carat gold, platinum, silver and red gold.  I am the only master in my country Ukraine who creates a big jewelry tapestries with a large color palette.  The tapestry is a two-sided image, hand-woven from glass beads. This artwork can decorate any, even the most demanding, interior.  Of great importance is the lighting in the room. Depending on the brightness of the light, the tapestry may look different. Taking on the intensity of lighting, the beads change their shades from light to deeper and brighter. This creates a pseudo volumetric image. Manual weaving technique is laborious, one master can perform about 1-1.5 m² tapestry per year, it requires a lot of time and effort from the master. Therefore artworks such as jewelry tapestries can not to be a lot of. I am the owner of two National Records of Ukraine in the contemporary handicraft arts (1 - the largest beadwork, 2 - the largest number of shades in one beadwork) and the winner of international competitions in decorative, applied and contemporary art. I will be glad to see you at the exhibition and will be pleased to present you my work. See you!


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