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Exhibitor Name:Lotfi Abou Sariya Stand: E22 Category: Gallery,

Lotfy ABOU SARIYA Formations:  Academy of Fine Arts in Cairo, painting section, awards a diploma with grande distinction 1964  Educational diploma - Faculty of Fine Arts -  Helwan University 1964 .  Brevet of excellency of the Royal Academy of  Fine Arts of Brussels 1975.  Master on Collography from RHok academy engraving/lithos 2006   Technic:  Oil paintings, gouaches, miniatures on papyrus / wood,  chemical reactions, engraving, litho & Collography   Membership:  - Founder member of GIB Association for ART-Belguim .  - Member of Syndicate of Fine Artists , Painting 2851/831 . Egypt - Member of Association of Alumni of Fine Arts .  - Member of Cairo Atelier .  - Member of the National Association of Fine Arts Cairo.  - Member of Association of Fine Arts Lovers . Cairo - Member of Association of Al-Ghury artists . Cairo - President of Association of Artists without Borders in Europe -    Aristes Sans Frontieres - ASF. europe -UNISCO, Cairo Atelier, Founder & President of the circle “Artists Sans Frontiéres” (Artists with no Borders)  Europe


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