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Exhibitor Name:Aditi Patwari Stand: W340 Category: Solo Artist,

At DEA we revel in the power of beautiful textiles and the effect they have in a space. We want to surround you with luxurious art and fill you with extravagance and magic. For clients who are looking for something different and innovative, Dea mixes hand crafted elements with innovative technologies to create bespoke textile art pieces for high-end interiors.   Our motto: ?To transform textile art and design. ? To keep traditional techniques like hand embroidery and mark making alive, while embracing innovative technologies like laser cutting and digital embroidery.  ? What makes us different: We tell stories through our projects. Every artwork is inspired by a city, its cultural heritage and architectural language. Textiles have always represented rich histories of the communities that create them.  We aim to continue the tradition of storytelling, but with a fresh perspective. By studying the philosophies of different places, we can find the similarities in human nature. ? About the founder: Dea's Founder, Aditi Patwari, is a Textile Artist and Designer who has created projects for Interiors, Stationery, and Fashion. She has lived and worked in India, the UK, and the UAE, where she currently resides.  Aditi is excited by architecture and geometry, which tend to be the focus of her textile work. She specializes in pattern design, material manipulation, laser cutting and etching, and digital embroidery. Her textiles are inspired by travel, and her collections tell the stories of her journeys. As an artist, her visual inspiration comes from a trip to a new city, understanding its cultural heritage, and its architectural language. Through her work, she wishes to communicate that no matter how different we might be on the surface, we are all looking for the same things in life - love, happiness and connection.


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