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From Sky To The Sea-2

Sandeep Soni | Stand : MA03

An illustrious view of falling leaves on an autumn day, shows the background sky displaying its vibrant blue shades. The view is both of the sky and the water. The leaves are falling into the water below from the sky above. A fall from the sky doesn’t end the journey of leaves. They are welcomed by the water below for their onward journey. The fallen leaves will play their role in the ecosystem while traveling on their journey. The key message is to adapt to the environment, stay committed to responsibility, and act harmoniously with the ecosystem so that the whole world becomes one and one becomes the whole world.

  • Art Style: Contemporary
  • Size and orientation: Large
  • Dimensions: Height-120, Width-225, Depth-5
  • Price Range: AED 20000
  • Colour: Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange, Purple, Red, White, Yellow
  • Price: AED 36900