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07 Mar 2019

Artists In The Spotlight

World Art Dubai
Artists In The Spotlight
Galleries and Artists in the Spotlight



Muna Balfaqeeh, United Arab Emirates

Muna is an Emirati powerhouse with her skills as a linguist, artist, and photographer, all contributing to her work. She focuses on capturing Emirati heritage and culture through her work. Her collection reflects a diverse and broad range of styles including realism, abstract, and an integration of abstract art and Arabic calligraphy demonstrating a classic style with a modern twist.

Stand: A27

Muna Balfaqeeh

Alessandro Berni Gallery

Based in Perugia, Italy, the Alessandro Berni Gallery will represent a mix of sculptures, mixed media, digital prints, figurative and contemporary arts from an array of artists across the globe.

Stand: B10

Alessandro Berni Gallery

Mireille Salti, Lebanon

Mireille will be demonstrating her hybrid pouring technique, a style which portrays her fascination with the vast cosmos of Earth’s mysterious waters and inner biological being. Each individual piece aims to create moments that ground the spectator, transporting them to a mindful state of existence. Mireille has cultivated a unique process that is a cross between randomness of flow and intentional brushstrokes resulting in completely individual pieces.

Stand: A18

Mireille Salti

Sanaa Merchant, India

Thought-provoking pieces can be expected from Sanaa Merchant, born and raised in the UAE, who is well known in the industry for mixing traditional Arabic themes with a modern perspective. Her practice ranges from ornamental works to modernism in abstract and calligraphic, forms using vibrant bold colours to appeal to the viewer.

Stand: A22

Sanaa Merchant

BIKOH Art Gallery, Japan

The Japanese gallery, BIKOH Art and its artists will be exhibiting at World Art Dubai for the first time. Developing skills with a focus on oil paintings, to black marker and acrylic on red or gold matte paper, is what can be expected from the gallery. There will also be live paintings from Toshiyuki Kato, one of the participants from the BIKOH Art Gallery at its stand – one not to be missed.

Stand: Z37

BIKOH Art Gallery

Petra Kaltenbach, Germany

Petra has exhibited at World Art Dubai every year since its inception. Describing herself as a fine artist, video artist, graphic designer and energetic healer, Petra advises that all parts of these can be found in her art. Her work invites observers to become aware of the transformational process and to adopt them mentally whilst encouraging them to develop something new in the art and themselves.

Stand: Z12

Petra Kaltenbach

3D Artworks, KSA

Saudi National Mohamed Awad will be exhibiting his gallery, 3D Artworks for the first time at World Art Dubai. 3D Artworks consists of creating multiple layers of the same image using a wide range of images such as fabric, wood, sand, paper, flowers and additional accessories.

Stand: Z15

3D Artworks

Lizelle Engelbrecht, South African

Lizelle, who has displayed her artwork across the world will be exhibiting at World Art Dubai for the first time this year. Combining traditional materials such as oil, paint and ink with more striking materials like gold-leaf, aluminium and epoxy resin to create luminous abstract landscapes, nature and imaginary compositions is how Lizelle describes the work she will be presenting.

Stand: D18

Lizelle Engelbrecht

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