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World Art Dubai puts Diversity into Action

25 Mar 2019

World Art Dubai puts Diversity into Action

World Art Dubai
World Art Dubai puts Diversity into Action

From genres, concepts, cultures and mediums, diversity is present in works by both artists and galleries from over 30 nations, including a first-time exhibitor from Turkmenistan and an all-female gallery from Saudi Arabia. Here are five of the diversity game-changers at this year’s World Art Dubai.

Silk Road Revisited

The presence of Nusay Gallery - the first modern and contemporary art gallery of Turkmenistan – puts the UAE’s historic Silk Road links into perspective. Taking visitors to the heart of the culture and art of Central Asia, Nusay Gallery’s stunning and developmental ceramics, jewelry and paintings blend tradition and folklore with Western art practices.

Girl Power

World Art Dubai is backing the global campaign for gender parity in the art world this year, so it’s apt that the exhibitor list includes the Saudi-based Synergy Art Group, which represents phenomenal female artists from all over the world. The inspiring group combines their love of the arts and culture with how we can all learn and appreciate these differences. Synergy artists are from the Middle East, Europe, Central Asia, South America, North America, the CIS, Asia, the Sub-continent and Africa – art is their common language.

Pure Pop

Planning to further trend set at the show, the controversial Fortune Favours Art gallery, which was founded by Louis Wright in 2017, aims to become the world’s foremost conceptual art house representing western, Arabic and contemporary street art. Having already built a firm foothold in the UK, Fortune Favours Art is now bringing its concept to the UAE. As a measure of how street art has entered the mainstream, Fortune Favours Art works now adorn the walls of some of Britain’s biggest businesses, collectors and fine art investors. The art house represents numerous emerging, established and Arab artists and has unprecedented access to some of the biggest names in both contemporary and street art including Banksy and Damian Hirst. Fortune Favours is bringing one of the UK’s hottest graffiti artists, Welshman Charles Uzzell-Edwards who goes by the moniker ‘Pure Evil’ to the show – and we’re hoping he’ll be pure gold!

Pop Art from Asia is also well represented. The show has signed the acclaimed French-Filipina artist Adeline Buenaventura, whose artistic career began in the unlikely surroundings of flourish shops in Paris and Antibes – she’s since flourished to have her own ‘pop art’ studio focusing on painted resin and fiberglass sculptures in Bangkok. Adeline’s works are now in private collections and installed in public and private buildings, hotels and architectural spaces in Asia and throughout the world. Sharing the limelight will be the Indian pop art supreme, Sanuj Birla known worldwide for his unique works with real dollar bills and experimental neon art. Sanuj’s work reflects the vibrant colours of his home base of Delhi as well as his dynamic personality and love for colour and life.

Diversity in the Frame

A series of photographers are also putting diversity in the frame at this year’s show, courtesy of modern pictorials of Italy’s Alessandro Berni studios, the figurative masterpieces of Spain’s Inma Rodriguez, the nature-focused studies of Neil Corder, and the expressive collections of Muna Balfaqeeh’s virtual gallery. Photography exhibits, from the conventional to the technology-driven, are studies in diversity which are likely to send a strong message to other creative mediums.

Signs of the Times

Calligraphy comes into its own at this year’s show. From classical Arabia, to the expressive lines of Japanese calligraphy, World Art Dubai will house the best of this expressive art form from the medium’s biggest names in the UAE, Algeria, India and Japan. The result is an explosion of the mystical, the abstract, classical, mysterious and reflective as chartered by Sihem Badji-Chiad, Nilofar Patel, Sanaa Merchant and Sairei Kihara.

World Art Dubai 2019 is a study in diversity and with individual price tags from just $100, buyer profiles can be just as diverse as the artwork on show.

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