Art4You paints a 56m wide mural on Dubai beach

23 Jan 2019

Art4You paints a 56m wide mural on Dubai beach

World Art Dubai
Art4You's artists
Seven artists from Art4You have gathered their diverse artistic talents to paint a 56-meter long mural depicting marine life along the Dubai beach.

The project was an initiative by Dubai Municipality along with Art4You to bring more beauty to the beach. It took the artists 5 days to complete the giant mural in their pop art and contemporary style. The added objective of the mural was to generate awareness for marine life and the current threat it faces. Art4You have tried to show the passerby the beautiful marine environment in hopes of inspiring people to take the right steps towards preserving it.

The artwork includes fantasy elements by showing the transition between land and sea, the viewpoint of the deep-sea creatures and life on the beach environment with a relevance to the Emirati culture and heritage. The art is meant to show the story of marine and beach life to inspire humans to think about conserving our environment. The idea behind the mural is to show continuity, unity and harmony of the seven artists’ imagination.

Art4you painted the entire mural free of cost. As per the founder, Jesno Jackson, the team has a passion for art and a sense of gratitude to the UAE for giving them the beautiful and safe environment to live. This has motivated Art4You to serve the government and the public with an eye-catching mural on the beautiful beach of Dubai.

"In every artists mind, there is a masterpiece and I am glad that we at Art4you could create one for UAE, and we feel proud that we made something that was not there before” says Jesno.

Artists involved - Jesno Jackson (founder), Sristi Raj, Boze Krishna, Rajeev Nalukettil, Megha Manjarekar, Tina Khetarpal from India and Nazish Qureshi from Pakistan.

Catch them live at World Art Dubai 2019 from 3-6 April 2019 at Dubai World Trade Centre.

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