Art4You Presents Beyond Borders Exhibition

21 Feb 2019

Art4You Presents Beyond Borders Exhibition

World Art Dubai
Year of Tolerance exhibition

Beyond Borders is an art exhibition curated by World Art Dubai exhibitors, Art4You, to celebrate the Year of Tolerance through the varied cultural viewpoints of the artists. View their collection live at World Art Dubai 2019.

Working with a variety of mediums, these artists will take you on a journey to see the world through their eyes, inspiring your own wanderlust. This exhibition brings together a community of 52 artists, 31 nationalities who strongly feel that art is beyond border, connected by a shared interest in the wildly imaginative tolerance themed creative artworks at Cassells Al Barsha Hotel Dubai from 16th Feb 2019.

“The exhibition, titled ‘’Beyond Borders’’, demonstrates the power of inclusion through creative expressions that come through in the form of art. I was immersed totally in the individual creativity and the talent as expressed by a group of diverse artists representing all walks of life. Through streams of colors that form fusions of stories on canvas, with each piece telling a unique story, an environment of holistic tolerance and diversity exudes throughout the exhibit space.” said Yasser Algergawi, director of programmes and partnership at the Ministry of Tolerance and chairman of the Dubai Folklore Theatre.

“As I toured the exhibit, I noticed that each of the pieces reflected the ethnic character and background of the respective artists and their nationalities. The UAE was founded on a platform of tolerance, inclusion and diversity, and this came through very vividly in the pieces that were on display. There was an element of heritage, imagination, culture and history in the art created in all genres culminating in an exhibition that reminded visitors of history and the pride of its people."


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