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Art Blog

  • A workshop focused on ‘Sustainability in Nature’ held at Repton Dubai, saw 12 children from years five and six working closely with 12 children of mixed ages from Manzil.
  • Curating The Ultimate Bachelor Pad

    12 Mar 2019 World Art Dubai

    Art is rapidly gaining a reputation among upwardly mobile men as an essential component of one’s self: art portrays who you are and, more importantly, what you want to say about yourself.

  • Artists In The Spotlight

    07 Mar 2019 World Art Dubai
    Our artists in the spotlight include some of the best Emirati artists, International artists, and the Top Galleries. 
  • Why Should Buyers Look To Affordable Art?

    28 Feb 2019 World Art Dubai
    As one of the biggest themes of 2019, the notion of ‘inclusion’ has taken root in the art world as a direct consequence of the public demanding more accessibility and broader opportunities.
  • Art4You Presents Beyond Borders Exhibition

    21 Feb 2019 World Art Dubai
    Working with a variety of mediums, these artists will take you on a journey to see the world through their eyes, inspiring your own wanderlust. This exhibition brings together a community of 52 artist ...
  • From World Art Dubai to regional stardom

    13 Feb 2019 World Art Dubai

    Two award-winning artists share their story of success through the show. World Art Dubai in a conversation with Petra Kaltenbach and Luis Fuentes on their artistic journey.

  • Tips on buying art without blowing the budget

    10 Feb 2019 World Art Dubai
    The core element of that challenge is often aligning taste and budget, but the common assumption that introducing art to your home is too expensive is simply no longer the case. More and more artists ...
  • Art Trends in 2019

    03 Feb 2019 Samar Kamel, World Art Dubai curator
    Last year was an eclectic one for the international art scene, when art walked hand in hand with global movements. A surge in female empowerment spurred countless memorable pieces as women around the ...
  • World Art Dubai’s loyal exhibitors, Funun Arts, joined hands with Rashid Centre for The Determined Ones to create art.


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