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On 12 - 15 April, thousands of experienced collectors and passionate art enthusiast will be heading to World Art Dubai to search through the more than 3,000 paintings, prints, sculptures and photographs on display all priced between US$100 - $20,000.

Of course, one of the reasons World Art Dubai has become such a popular show for artists and art buyers is that anyone can come down and take home amazing works of art the very same day. Those of you who attended last year’s World Art Dubai will remember how it felt when you found that perfect piece of original art to call your own, and this year’s show is set to welcome more people than ever looking to walk away as the proud owners of their own works of art.

However, for those of you who have never visited World Art Dubai before, or are newcomers to the world of buying art, then the sheer amount of art on display can quickly become overwhelming. This is why we’ve put together the below World Art Dubai Affordable Art Buying Guide. By following the below points, you should have all the information you need to be confident that you can turn your art owning dreams into a reality:


A show like World Art Dubai gives visitors a unique opportunity to come and talk with artists and galleries face to face, discover affordable works of art and then shake hands on buying and taking home that work of art all in the same day. There’s no waiting for the art to arrive, or driving out to multiple galleries. At World Art Dubai, you can do it all on the same day.

While in recent years the trend of buying art online has grown in popularity, you can never discount the benefits of physically interacting with a work of art and its artist. World Art Dubai will have a number of online galleries at the show to represent the online art market, but globally the art world is still powered by an event-driven model where galleries and emerging artists can rely on art fairs to reach new buyers and existing collectors.

So to ensure you get the best deals on affordable art at a show like World Art Dubai, make sure you make the most of your chance to meet and chat with the artists and galleries present at the event. Once you’ve got a nice up close look at all the affordable art on display, you may be surprised at what kind of art you end up taking home with you.


First things first: make sure you arrive at World Art Dubai with an idea of the kind of art you are looking to buy. It may seem obvious, but without having at least a rough idea of the style, size and the possible location of where you’re hoping to keep your new work of art, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer variety of contemporary art at a show like World Art Dubai.

So whether it will end up hanging in your house, decorating the office or given as a gift, by knowing the dimensions of the space you’re looking to fill, as well as an idea of the style that would suit that space, you can be sure when you’ve finally found the perfect piece of art for your collection.


If the work of art is for yourself, then it’s important to make sure you know something about your own tastes before you arrive at the show.  Your personal feelings are probably the most important tool you have for judging any work of art’s value, so by doing a little homework you can easily narrow the field from the hundreds of art pieces on display at World Art Dubai.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to dive into a library specialist art history books before arriving at the show, but doing some useful online research into contemporary art styles and artists can be a great tool for training your eye to be able to spot the kind of fine details, technique or styles that may have previously passed you by.

However, once you have an idea of the kind of art you are passionate about, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to challenge your artistic comfort zone. As you wander the halls of World Art Dubai make sure you continue to investigate the unconventional mediums, subjects and styles that catch your eye, as you never know what kind of contemporary art you may fall in love with next.


So you know what kind of art you like and you think you’ve found the work of art that is right for you, but how do you know if it is any good?

Before you put down your hard earned money on a work of art, don’t be afraid to judge the art on its artistic merits. For example, try asking yourself how this piece is a reflection of the artist’s overall work and progression, how the artist has made this piece of work their own and how does the work stimulate your senses, tell you a story or create any interesting thoughts and discussions.

When you are looking at a particular piece, consider the gap between the original concept behind the piece and the finished article and, separate from the piece’s artistic merits, try to bear in mind the quality of the finished materials used. This way you can try to get an understanding of the care and dedication that has been put into the work by the artist.

Remember, great art is something that impacts you in a meaningful way. The best way to identify whether a work of art is good value for money is whether it can keep you feeling that impact long after you’ve bought it and taken it home.


We know that seeing all those amazing artists and works of art in one place can be a little daunting, but it’s important to remember that all of these experts are there for one reason: to help you buy you’re perfect piece of art.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, lots of questions. Find out all you can about the pieces that interest you and the artist who created them. Luckily for you, as well as the displays of onsite artists, galleries and live art installations, World Art Dubai will also have an on-site team of show staff who will be ready and waiting to assist you on your hunt for your perfect affordable work of art.


With more than 3,000 paintings, prints, sculptures and photographs on display, World Art Dubai is the perfect place to see an almost endless variety of affordable art all in one place, from the small and intimate to the huge and mind-blowing.

We know that when you arrive at the show it can be severely tempting to head straight for the eye catching mega canvases and installations. However, sometimes the smaller pieces will be better suited to your needs and you’ll be able to find just as many incredible pieces in our displays of smaller paintings, prints and photographs.

When it comes to art it’s always nice to dream big, but you may have some explaining to do when you return home with a thirteen foot canvas to cover the five foot space above the dining table.


Just as beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, what a work of art is worth can vary depending on how much you may have fallen in love with it. However, there’s never any harm in exploring your options and with the sheer number of artists and galleries on display at World art Dubai, you’ll never find a better place to explore the options of art ownership available to you.

There are normally two main reasons for buying art. The first is that you see it as a possible financial investment; the second is that you’ve fallen in love with it. In most cases one for these feelings will be more dominant than the other, but in an ideal world you will feel a combination of the two.

One thing to remember: beware of buying art solely because you think it will be a good investment, or that it’s something you should be buying. Even the most experienced art critics and collectors struggle to predict what art will remain popular or valuable in the future, but if you buy something that you have a real connection with the piece will always retain its value for you.


Artistic tastes tend to follow common trends and it can be tempting to purchase a piece of art simply because it’s what is currently popular or what everyone else seems to be buying.

The greatest thing about the kind of contemporary art that will be on display at the World Art Dubai is that you never know what kind of unusual or unconventional work of art will catch your eye. With so much variety on offer, it would be a shame to let any previous artistic prejudices stop you from taking home an unknown or unappreciated modern masterpiece.

Regardless of whether it’s a priceless masterpiece or an original print, if you have strong feelings for the piece that you are purchasing, and if it gives you joy to see it in your home every day, then this is the best kind of return on investment you can hope for.




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