CoronArt Online Gallery

CoronArt Online Gallery

CoronArt Online Gallery

In the absence of physical human connection and with movement drastically limited, our talented exhibitors living in cities around the world have had to turn inwards for inspiration and create an original artworks that reflects their different personal experiences with the pandemic:

  • All Things Have the Buddha Nature

    Eisui - Japan Promotion
  • Hope floats in Parel

    Mena Malgavkar
  • Madness

    Almudena Angoso
  • On My Own

    Archana Tanna
  • Primavera

    Gloria Grau - l'Atelier Art Gallery
  • Red roses from the chalet

    Marta Argentina - l'Atelier-Art Gallery
  • Someday

    Mouza Al Mansoori
  • Sunrise in Costa Brava

    Enric Rubió - l'Atelier Art Gallery
  • Symphony

    Nada Al Barazi
  • The Superwomen

  • Through My Window

    Mercè Humedas - l'Atelier Art Gallery
  • Tiger

    Nerkiz Akcura
  • Watering

    Carolina Crespo
  • Without Features

  • You Are Not Alone

    Leonardo Partida Prieto


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