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Here's what our artists said

“World Art Dubai was my first-ever professional exhibition in 2015, so coming back for this year’s third season was quite a reflective and analytical moment for me personally. It’s very rewarding to look back and see how far both my craft and international reputation have evolved these last 24 months. I’ve been to Hong Kong, Singapore, New York and all around the world – those travels would have been impossible without the confidence that World Art Dubai gave me two years ago. Most pleasing for me this time around was selling so much work, both original pieces and prints. I’ve had a very good show, my best ever in fact, with such strong sales that I’m going home with just one piece – it’s the perfect situation to be in because now I have to produce more work!”

Jeff Murray, solo artist, United Kingdom


“I sold six pieces of art work at World Art Dubai, and also got the chance to meet visitors from all over the world in one place. This is my second time participating at the show and it was even more successful than the year before.  I will definitely be participating in next year’s edition.”

Denis Ribas, solo artist, France


“The show has been a great way to connect with international buyers that appreciate my acrylic and mixed mediums on wooden boards. This has been a great opportunity and even better experience.”

Junaid Sénéchal-Senekal, solo artist, South Africa


“I’ve come to World Art Dubai for the second time as an independent artist, and half way through the show I already broke even by selling four pieces.”

Sayeeda Goriawala, solo artist, India


“Nowadays you’ll find several contemporary artists taking the lead towards a new vision of art. From Morocco to India, you can enjoy countless beautiful pieces of ancient Islamic Art which are inspiring many of today’s contemporary artists present at the exhibition here.”

Mohamed El Banna, solo artist at Exhibition Islam, United Arab Emirates




Here's what our galleries said

“World Art Dubai 2017 has been a very successful Art Show for Signet Contemporary Art, London. Due to a significantly better marketing and WAD online gallery this year the footfall, sales and interest was much higher - we had many sales and plenty ‘after sales’ including our returning clients from the 2016 edition. Surely we will be returning next year.”

James Giles, Signet Contemporary Art, United Kingdom


 “I received a lot of interest from people excited about art here at the exhibition. One of the key successes for me has been the prospect of collaborating with the Atlantis hotel. I am meeting with the engineers tomorrow to discuss the dimensions, sizes and numbers of pieces I will be supplying. I’m thrilled.”

Agnethe Maagaard, Maagaard Glass, Denmark


“We have a passion for art, and travel around the world to source and collect different art pieces. One of our first items sold was a painting worth $990 which we picked up from our visit to Thailand. It’s our first time here and successful enough for us to return next year.”

Jana El Herch and Mohammad El Bechnati, Reverie Gallery, Lebanon


“We came to World Art Dubai because the international art community is very conscious of a growing interest in Western art in Dubai and across the wider region. This is our first time exhibiting our concept outside of Europe and we have photographed dozens of eyes during the event’s first two days. The response has been great and we have had ten buyers getting their personalised pieces of the eye through hyper-real and error-free photography”.

Felix Mayrl, Iris Project, Germany


“We signed up just a week before the show and our decision has been great. The show has allowed for our paper origami of large-scale gorillas and apples and sharks to be seen by thousands of interested buyers. After showcasing in Tokyo and New York, World Art Dubai seemed to a good choice.”

Nguyen Hung Cuong, Art On Space, Vietnam




“The arrangement of the show is very well organised and the footfall is great for those looking to sell their art pieces, which range between AED200 – 5,000. Looking around the exhibition I’ve seen some outstanding pieces.”

Purneda Mandal, artist represented by Studio 3 Art Gallery, India


“This is my first time at World Art Dubai and I’ve already sold a piece. It is an amazing event, and it’s important for me to have the experience of exhibiting. I am Japanese and the buyer of the painting is Chinese - while there are some similarities to our cultures, there are also huge differences, so it’s great to find a similarity through art. The piece I sold was inspired by the rain - an unlimited source conveyed through the artwork.”

Tomotoshi Hoshino, artist represented by Japan Promotion, Japan


“I have returned to World Art Dubai for the second time because I was successful in selling two paintings at last year’s show. It’s a beautiful platform for artists like us that are looking for global exposure and audiences. I plan to return to the exhibition every year.”

Afshan Qureshi, artist represented by ICAC Gallery (International Creative Art Center), India


“I was optimistic ahead of the event because Dubai has a very developed art scene now. I only brought four sculptures to the show and I’m very happy to have sold two of them in the first few hours of the event.”

Adel Rashid, artist represented by Dubai Art Fans, United Arab Emirates


“World Art Dubai helped me to increase my brand awareness across diverse cultures that were all coming together for one show! My Facebook page followers have increased by more than 200 and most of them originated from the visitors at the show. I’m in touch with new customers thanks to the show, which is the main advantage I got from this exhibition.”

Samantha Couto, artist represented by Rare Mandi Art Gallery, India


 “It’s been a good show so far. It’s exciting because I’ve been able to get many leads by showcasing my artwork here for the first time. It’s also allowed me to expand my network with like-minded people.”

Neeta Gajam, artist represented by ICAC Gallery (International Creative Art Center), India



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