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Tres Ases artist works with oil painting, acrylic and gesso to create textures on the canvas. Her priority is to transmit with the expression of her portraits through the realism and the language of colors, alive and vibrant, capturing the essence of the people from different ethnics and cultures.

Lot of her paintings are based in african people as she travelled and worked in Senegal several times. They suppose much of her inspiration, seeking to capture the energy of Africa and its people.

Although she has created different painting series, such as Africanism (based on portraits of Africa) Anthropo Morphosis (paradigms of the human being), The lightness (Thoughts and feelings in relation with time) and Holi Day (Colors and expressions of India) She over-titled all of them as 'Portraits of the soul', because in their variations they represent the expression of the individual as an ancestral and recondite part of human.

An Arab proverb says that anyone who does not understand a gaze will not understand a long explanation. For her, eyes are the window of the soul through which you can guess universes.


Business Bay
United Arab Emirates
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  • True queens dont wear a crown. Serie Anthropo Morphosis.
  • Daydream, I felt asleep amid the flowers for a couple of hours on a beautiful day. Serie Anthropo Morphosis
  • If we stop for a moment we can listen the Earth breathing. This artwork is part of the serie ''Pandemic'' and it represents the blooming of the planet when human stop and let her rest for a while.
  • Madness is relative. It depends on who has whom locked in which cage. Let’s start by releasing the birds and we will be getting a little bit closer to the dementia of the healthy people, those who mak ...
  • The secret theory says that we need them as much as the secrets need us. We are not only what we show, but what we keep in silent. And that is actually what make us to don’t stop looking for in others ...
  • Painting of the serie ‘Anthropo morphosis’. This painting seeks the expression of human nature in its origin, of the essence prior to the body, a reminder of where we come from and where we are going. ...
  • This painting is one of the serie ‘’Pandemic’’ created during the quarantine of the virus COVID-19, it represents the feeling of being prisoner of the own home and the constant balance between good an ...
  • Painting from the serie ‘’Pandemic’’. It represents the first stage of the world facing a new and unsuspected pandemic. The chaos resulting of uncertainty and fear and those who learn how to dance unt ...
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