Anwaar Haddadin

Anwaar Haddadin

Stand: W04
  • | Solo Artist
Anwaar Haddadin

Add some color to your home with the art of Anwaar Dinart

I discovered my own way of creating my abstract artworks by using different techniques. I am very happy I’ve found my own way and happier to know there will always be new things to learn and experiment with, and new ways to grow as an artist.

I studied art at the Sharjah Art Institute 2015 in United Arab Emirate. In January 2016, I discovered the fluid painting. I saw a picture on the loss. The artistic and creative part was screaming, and I had to understand how it was done. 

After attempts, many were not open to help me. It was not easy, it took me several months and I learned on my own, I saw a lot, read, worked hard and decided to try it on my own. So if someone asks me someday about how to achieve their dream, I'll tell them with pleasure as I believe I have achieved my dream.

When I feel the color, I photograph the result and work for it. Many have told me that my work is of a distinctive style and that my efforts for others are amazing. I work for accurate results and try to share what I learn. Living close to the beach, and being obsessed with the ocean, the waves, its movement and the colors, my work is often inspired by it. Once finished, the painting is topped off with a couple of glass varnish, or crystal of resin to give it a strong and shiny protection layer.

Art and creativity can improve your health and your mood, as the effect of liquid paint also reflects onto your eyes. 

This is what I live for.

Anwaar Haddadin


United Arab Emirates
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