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Art Cafe Egypt

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Art Cafe Egypt

Art Café is a destination that fosters and encourages young talents to grow and flourish by offering a wide range of classes and workshops in all visual art related disciplines. 

Art Café – an art hub established in 1999 - Founded by three women who had a passion for fine & applied arts, they set out to create a space where art conversations, learning techniques, art appreciation and painting work spaces were being offered to the public.

Art Café has a total airy of 600 square meter building with multiple spaces, allowing for intimate or expansive exhibition formats presenting work by largely unseen young artists. 


10b road 11 , Maadi
Galleria40 culture lab
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  • Dalia started her art career through expressing 3D perspectives of trompe l’oeuil technique. After a career break to raise a family, Dalia returned to her passion as a more mature painter driven behind the desire to spread optimism through her work. Dalia paints with a unique signature style- silhouette lines that outline human figures with faceless expressions

  • The girl is innocent yet fearless. She uses her spirituality to stay protected from the world. Her heart is pure no matter what. However, in the background the mix of colors show her confusion of the world and how people are different. The green and red colors are symbols of her hidden sadness.


  • Originally from Alexandria Worked in the corporate business field for many years until she decided to put down the pen and pick up the brush. 

    Her passion is depicting Egyptian life and culture with its old mosques, streets, twirling dervishes...etc.....and presenting it in a burst of colors.

  • Shahira paints with her heart; exploring the com- plete palette of colours and mediums. Her Abstract work is inspired from people and architecutural structures whilst always using a signature gold leaf as a symbol of light and royalty.

  • Life is just like the sea sometimes calm yet unpredictable 

  • Are they looking towards the sun? Or are they whispering gently to one another? Sunflowers bloom when they are happy. They emit strength when needed. Yellow is their super-power. Within imperfection lies perfection. Round, clear, and bold. 

  • Nadia is an artist that paints with her heart. She believes in the healing power of art which led her to teaching expressive art techniques for more than twenty years. Nadia’s desire to turn spaces into places influences her artistic style. Her canvas is the special place- void of rules- where she expresses her emotions through wild brush strokes, festive colours and free emotions. The outcome is work that captures life’s happy moments. 

  • Born into an artistic musical family; Nouni grew up in an environment that nurtures art expression. Yet the rebel inside this artist took her through the struggles of finding her true artists’ identity and life’s calling. After years of suppressing this talent- a talent that took her through a journey of doodle drawings, abstract and expressionism; Nouni is taking her first pieces of work that were inspired by her family and heritage out to the world stage.

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