Beyond Thoughts

Beyond Thoughts

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Beyond Thoughts

Husain Is A Mumbai Based Sacred Geometry And Vastu Expert, Who Specializes In Meditation Therapy, Energy Healing And Counselling. Through A Deep Experiential Understanding Of Psychology And His Gifts Husain Trains Individuals And Helps Them Develop Positive Attitude, Allowing Them To Achieve Extra-Ordinary Goals. With Over 19 Years Of Experience, Husain Is Widely Recognised As One Of The Leading Experts In The Country To Be Practising With Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids And Is Known For His Unique Ability To Covert Vastu Solutions Into Art Pieces. He Specialises In Healing Arts That Is Based On Divine Maths, Sacred Geometry, Colour Therapy And Crystal Healing.

Beyond Thoughts

Beyond Thoughts Is Dedicated In Providing Their Clients With Complete Vastu Solutions.  We Provide An In-Depth Sacred Geometry Vastu Consultation. By Analyzing The Design, Architecture And Energies Of A Place. We Suggest Suitable Solutions To Create A Harmonious And Prosperous Environment In Homes, Offices And Land Sites Without Restructuring or Additional Constructions.

We Also Specialise In Healing Arts That Is Based On Divine Maths, Sacred Geometry, Colour Therapy And Crystal Healing.

Along With Providing Character Certificates Based On Numerology, Beyond Thoughts Also Provides Their Vastu Expertise In Designing Business Logos. Logos With Good Vastu Can Increase Profits As Well As Attract More Clients And Bring Harmony And Prosperity Into Your Business. 

Beyond Thoughts Also Work Closely With Interior Decorators, Architects And Civil Contractors During And After Their Projects To Help Them Create A Design That Is Based On All The Vastu Principles. We Also Provide Certified Courses To Interior Decorators For General, Basic, And Advanced Knowledge Of Vastu.


Shop No 3 Ground Floor, Sarvodaya Mill Compound,
Opp Tata Colony
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