Bharat Thakur

Bharat Thakur

Hall: SSH2 Stand: B21
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Bharat Thakur

Bharat Thakur is an artist who works on a global platform and addresses a multicultural audience through his works that are quintessentially Indian. His artistic practices echo his unconventional childhood and multi faceted life. 

At the age of four, he was taken to the icy remoteness of the Himalayas by his spiritual teacher. For the next thirteen years, Bharat was immersed in the study of ancient Indian mystical sciences, including Yoga. 

As per his Guru’s vision, Bharat pursued a formal education which culminated in his doctorate degree. Following this Bharat travelled the length and breadth of India, with the mission to spread the wisdom of the ancients. 

Throughout his life, Bharat has been evolving a unique grammar of art, drawing from his incredible understanding of both the figurative and abstract genre. His art is a vibrant expression of the spiritual dimension and his paintings are a visual manifestation of this consciousness that dwells on the aspect of the soul.


Aroopa - Abstract Paintings 

Artist's Statement 

Through my abstract paintings I have endeavoured to establish a powerful sensorial scape, through gestural dribbles, hand and finger strokes, which I believe, has the power of impacting the sensibility of the viewer. 

The basic premise on which I operate is energy, and I conceptualise all my works through this element. 



Artist's Statement 

When the sitter is an intimate, the relationship between the artist and the muse emerges strongly. 

I have kept the paintings vivid and have tried to capture tender emotions. 








Dr. Bharat Chandra Thakur

Chariman, Bharat Thakur Artistic Yoga Worldwide  

Birth Date 

October 5, 1972


Dhanbad, Jharkand, India 



Bachelor in Physical Education

Masters in Physical Education

Phd in Yoga and Exercise Physiology,


Bay Square, Business Bay
Building No.3
United Arab Emirates
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