Crisolart Galleries

Crisolart Galleries

Hall: SSH3 Stand: E9, E10, E11, E12
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Crisolart Galleries

Crisolart Galleries features International contemporary art, our willing is to showcase highly recognized international artist new tendencies and expressions.


Calle Villarroel 43
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  • Nocito. Italian Artist. Degree in Scenic Arts in Verona. His art represent surreal flowers and alps artmosphere. She try to paint the nature as wilde and invading the world with poetry. Everywall has ...
  • Rodrigo Wise’s artwork depicts strong, mysterious gazes in female faces full of possibilities, opportunities and expectation. These are revealed throughout their intense characteristics, varied textur ...

  • Jose Lopez is a young artist who begins his journey in the world of  art.  His inner world is very deep and has many talents. Jose's art radiate purity, naivety and some kind of childish spontaneity. ...
  • Natividad Hernández Cebrián is a Spanish Artist. From an early age the art has been part of her life and creation have been played an important role. Specially in adolescence she had the need to dump ...
  • Will Yaya is a Colombian Artist, who most of his life lives in Spain. He is a multidisciplinary artist, with a long career, but also businessman in the arts, who helps for many artists around the worl ...
  • This art work contains a ciphered word again – this time the word “мир” (which has in English two different translations: “peace” and “world”), to be exact, мирмирмирмирмирмирмир......". Generally, su ...
  • When you enter Sebastian Furtado’s universe it is different kinds of moods that hits you. There are paintings that are both reflecting something gloomy and mysterious and there are paintings that have ...
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