Dilna Nambiar

Dilna Nambiar

Stand: W01
  • | Solo Artist
Dilna Nambiar

I am a self-taught artist born and brought up in India; currently based in Dubai. Art has been my passion since a very young age and within a span of a decade I have evolved and intensified my artistic abilities through consistent practice and study. My forte is in photorealistic pencil sketches, abstract and contemporary works in acrylic and oils.

My paintings are primarily modern with an infusion of expressionism of cultural affluences. Most of my works has a human element; in particular the human visage. My latest works represent the raw traditional Indian culture through a play of bold bright colours and metallic elements in gold and silver.

Through my paintings I try to convey individuality and uniqueness of different cultures, regions, people, places and objects; that separate and unifies them at the same time. As I grew as an artist and an individual, my works began to be highly influenced by my home country India; for I believe an individual should have a deep patriotic sense and understanding of one’s home country and its culture for one represents the same. Therefore being an artist I portray India and its cultural richness.

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United Arab Emirates
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