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Japan Promotion

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Japan Promotion

The Show case of high quality Japanese arts and culture...JAPAN TIDE will be back to the World Art Dubai!

Who we are

 Japan Promotion is the expert of support to hold solo/group art exhibition in Japan and outside Japan and has organized Japan pavilion in the overseas big show such as Paris Japan Expo, Hyper Japan in London, Japan Expo in Thailand.


 On April 2017,Japan Promotion launched the project “JAPAN TIDE” to introduce Japanese high standard culture, arts and product to the Middle East. Including regular participation in the World art Dubai from the first year,We held Japanese group art exhibition in d3 in Dubai and the Japanese cultural evening at Dubai Kinokuniya book shop in 2017 and 2018.We exhibited Japan pavilion which exhibited Japanese art works,craft works and products and showd Japanese cultural performances at Games Con ME2018 and ADIHEX2019 in Abu Dhabi.

What you can see at our stands in WAD2020

 As part of JAPAN TIDE 2020, we exhibit Japan Pavilion at the World Art Dubai 2020. It is the 6th time to exhibit Japan pavilion in the show.Japan pavilion is the showcase of Japanese arts. More than 200 artworks from 31 Japanese artists including Japanese calligraphy, Sumi-e (Japanese ink painting),Japanese painting and woodcarving, cloisonné and Muntin art using exquisite traditional technique and also contemporary arts such as sculpture, Diamond-Point Engraving glass and oil painting, pastel painting, mixed media and pop art.


4F Ebina Building
6-18-10 Jingumae
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  • C-Art Museum  (Artist:Rozan Takeuchi)
  • Mixed media/Japanese paper,print,Powder
  • Diamond-Point hand- Engraving glass(pair glasses)/ Czech red glass
  • Oil painting/Canvas,Oil paint
  • Painting in ink and watercolors / Xuan paper,(high quarity paper), Natural mineral pigment
  • Giclee print (Japanese frame) / Japanese paper, Gold leaf, Tamamushi foil, Pigment, Silk (mounting)
  • Oil painting/Canvas,Oil paint
  • Oil painting/ Plaster board,Oil paint,Tempera
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