Julia Smolenkova

Julia Smolenkova

Stand: A13
  • | Solo Artist
Julia Smolenkova

Julia Smolenkova was born in Moscow in the family of artists in 1986.

PhD in History of Arts

Assistant professor at the Moscow State Art Academy

Awarded with:

. the Praiseworthy Medal of the Russia Academy of Arts 

. Gold Medal of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia for Contribution to the Russian Culture

. Saint Michael Gold Medal for New York Realism

. Diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts

. Laureate of the Young Talents of Russion Competirion of the State Tretyakv Gallery

. Laureate of the Popkov Prizee of the International Arts Fund

. Laureate  of Moscow - the City of the World International Contest

. an honorary diploma of the Ministry of education and sciences of the Russian Federation "for merits in the field of education and long-term conscientious work"

Member of the Artists of Union of Russia

Member of the Moscow Union of Russia

Member of International Arts Fund

Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia

Member of the  Belgium International Art Assotiation Art Espaces


Organizer of international symposia, art festivals, conferences, exhibitions.

The art works are kept in public and private collections in Russia, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Holland, the USA, the UAE, as well as in the United Natuion collection (Geneva).


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  • Golden City. Dubai. 2019 Acrylic on canvas. 70x100 cm Clear golden light and light blue shadows are in perfect balance in Dubai.  
  • Piódão, Portugal. The beginning of twilight. 2019. oil on canvas. 80×100 cm Colour, rhythm and light are particular for each city. They are its reflection. Each time of the day is unique in different ...
  • Porto. Portugal. 2019. oil on canvas. 120x100 cm When visiting a new city, you eventually find yourself in a place where the city lies before you. This is how you meet each other. Details disappear, l ...
  • Casares. Spain. Golden evening. 2019. oil on camvas, 80x80 cm
  • Trapani. Italy. 60x120 cm. 2019. Acrylic on canvas. Architecture is the best way to feel the pulse of bygone civilisations. The architecture of ancient cities is a work of art in which the best archit ...
  • Matera. Italy. 2019. Acrylic on canvas. 100x120cm Located in the southern Italian region of Basilicata, Sassi di Matera comprises housing complexes, churches, monasteries and hermitages built into the ...
  • Winter Anderlecht. Belgium. 2018. Paper, acrylic, tempera. 67x92 cm. (Framed) Despite laconism of colours, sometimes verging on minimalism and abstract forms, the places in the paintings are recogniza ...
  • Toledo. Spain. 2019. Canvas, oil. 100×100 cm You can live your whole life in one city and never look at it from a hight. This is something that should be altered. You need to change your way of lookin ...
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