Meetu Garg

Meetu Garg

Stand: D13
  • | Solo Artist
Meetu Garg

"In Art- I find myself and I loose myself"

I am largely a self taught artist from India, based in Dubai. As a child, I was always fascinated by the colors. I found my friends in those colors and played with them on paper, slowly setting them in definite shapes and boundaries. My passion got a flair when I got the chance to participate and showcase my work at different levels in school and college. The love for painting was always alive even as I persued graduation in Civil Engineering.

Art has been my constant companion, shouldering me through the ebbs and flows of life. Adoption of yoga, meditation, reiki and himalayan kriya gave me a different perspective of viewing and admiring the world around me. The ages old techniques have provided a mindset to find limitless inspiration in simplest of things. There is an inner zeal to reflect this in the form of art.

Today, I feel blessed to have an opportunity to work as a full time artist. I keep experimenting with all the colors, mediums, styles and subjects. I hope to keep exploring myself and the world around me as the eternal journey continues.



Apt. 302, Bldg 115,
Street 6, Discovery Gardens
United Arab Emirates
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  • Oil on canvas
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