MrArtPride - Marcin Rogal

MrArtPride - Marcin Rogal

Stand: B28
  • | Solo Artist
MrArtPride - Marcin Rogal

Renowned celebrity artist, Marcin Rogal aka MrArtPride, is a Polish self-taught artist and “renaissance man” known for his unique pop art style of paintings. His art is mainly inspired by pop culture, capitalism and cartoons. Marcin has created around 500 paintings which found home in over 30 countries. He prefers working with oil paint while also experimenting with mixed media art. His artworks has been bought by football players, rappers, content creators, politicians and royal families of the GCC countries. 

Marcin will be bringing exclusive, never before seen paintings to be revealed for the first time at World Art Dubai.

Marcin’s pursuit of beauty has led him to create several memorable pieces, characterized by a great deal of attention to detail. The main mission of his art is not just to symbolize beauty but to present human emotions, feelings, and dreams, as well as exploring the connection between the conscious and subconscious; with the subjects, composition, forms, and colors. Marcin lives according to the quote once spoken by Pablo Picasso himself, “Everything you can imagine is real.”



Gen. Wladyslawa Sikorskiego 122
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  • Pop art depiction through oil painting on canvas in street art style.
  • Mixed media art featuring Patek Phillipe and Mr. Scrooge highlighting consumerism.
  • Yosemite Sam painting on a $100 bill in oil paint.
  • Watch maker, Patek Philippe, was rumored to be on sale. MrArtPride imagines what it would be like if it was purchased by McDonalds chain.Oil and acrylic on canvas.
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