Nada Al Barazi

Nada Al Barazi

Stand: Z60
  • | Solo Artist
Nada Al Barazi

I'm an artist and I was enchanted by art since my childhood. I've been in love with creating since I was so young. What inspires me the most, as an artist, is to be able to create something and to be able to share that with other people as well. I love the process of creating something. My objective is to show people my artwork and display my creativity.

Art is my life....My life is art......

My art is a reflection of my soul like a piano with many strings, my eyes are the hammers, and my colors are the key, which I use to create a unique shade for each work of art. What is incredibly significant to me as an artist is to share my vision with this beautiful world through my art.

I have participated in many events and exhibitions such as World Art Dubai, ADIHEX in Abu Dhabi, the Hotel show, the UAE National Day exhibition at the Antique Museum, Index Show and Konooz Art Exhibition and Auction in London to name a few.

I have collaborated with various furniture shops for their interior design projects. I have worked with Royal Owl Furniture, West Elm, Pottery Barn as well as others.


Jumeirah Park
United Arab Emirates
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  • It is an abstract painting talking about flying into the sky very high, above the trees, over the seas in all degrees in an abstract way.
  • It describes the botanic flowers with nice mixture of beautiful colors 
  • Inspired from nature consisting of flowers and colors spread on a unseen horizon.
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