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Meet The Maestro

Born in a passionately creative family, RISHI JAIN is blessed with an artistic vision. He sees the world in shapes, patterns, harmony of colours and abstract lines trying to communicate something unspoken, unthought-of. He has mastered the art of creating an imaginary world of his own on the medium through which he loves to narrate a story – The Canvas! He is always on a mission to explore creative expressions that stuns the viewers. And in turn sets their imagination free…


The Difference RJ’s Art Makes…

Every creation of this virtuoso is poetry in itself. They not only engage you with an awe-inspiring visual impact but also encourage you to experience the creative side of your thinking. They make the world look so beautiful to you! They make a lasting impression on your mind. And you carry those images with you. Wherever you go, whatever you do; they remain very near to your subconscious memory and appears in front of you whenever you sit relaxed & close your eyes.



Today, RJ is a renowned name in Pune’s advertising industry. And he is equally popular in art fraternity as well. A JJ School of Arts passout, the class of his work is premium, the quality of inventive exploration is unique and his creative vision is ingenious. He leads his own advertising & brand development company, RJ Design established in 15 years. But despite being so busy in his professional life, he takes time to paint his thoughts and that’s his obsession!


MH. INDIA 411007
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