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In 2013, South Trip Gallery undertook the path of showing the art of Chile abroad, through the management at the beginning of its Director Karin Barrera, Visual Artist, who from that date until now coordinates the departure of hundreds of Visual artists in different techniques and trades abroad, undertaking endless international presentations to countries such as France, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, South Korea, England, Italy, among others .... Our Mission and commitment is to bring and show art from the south of the world with the greatest enhancement and professionalism, thereby achieving that the art of Chile and the artists of this region of South America, stand out in Fairs, Biennials, Exhibitions etc. all over the world.


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  • Cada vez que comienzo un nuevo trabajo, por ser Arte abstracto, dejo mi mente en blanco. Busco las gamas de colores que en ese momento me vienen a la mente. Dejo que mi trabajo fluya.
  • They are frames that I create through points, circles and lines forming a total work.
  • The repetition of a drawing relaxes me a lot, forming patterns and patterns that give life to a work
  • Los cuadros que se generan desde el aire siempre me han llamado la atención, las vistas aéreas, cómo se vincula todo, las texturas que se generan, los movimientos compuestos, etc.  Mi trabajo es produ ...
  • My work is the product of an investigation of the material that exceeds the limits set by the porcelain, making frames, lines, points that are joined together by forming a fabric. The fragility of the ...
  • Through a landscape fragment I want to represent the life, abundance and fullness given to us by grape vines. It's precence, shapes and colors have allways accompained men on his way of life.
  • The contemplation of nature through color and light is the main purpose of this painting. A moment of serenity shown by this anonymous woman captures sunlight and the humidity of the observed place.  
  • This anonymus woman is showing us how nature, atmosphere and light can be represented at the same time, finding an instant of peace, contemplation and serenity that is transmitted to those observing t ...
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