Tablinum Cultural Management

Tablinum Cultural Management

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Tablinum Cultural Management

The complexity and speed of change in the cultural world requires an ever-increasing capacity of contextual interpretation, a mastering of methods and instruments in order to activate innovative strategies which guarantee the sustainability of projects and organizations in a cultural environment. Tablinum Cultural Management’s professionals are therefore carefully selected and are able to meld together traditional artistic-cultural knowledge with a capacity and know-how,  thus rendering them autonomous in the projection, management and promotion of the cultural system.

The aim of Tablinum Cultural Management is to offer,  within the cultural environment, the most complete services possible having both a flexible and innovative form, while at the same time being capable of adapt to the needs of their counterparts by paying particular attention to a global vision of the project in question. The Tablinum project derives from a mixture of humanistic preparation and a careful analysis of supply and demand which regulate modern day’s cultural world.


1 Via Melzi, Number 5
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