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The Creative Cubes operates as a distinct alternative to public art galleries, museums, and commercial art venues. As an element of our country’s covetable network of artist-run centers, TCC is part of a bigger picture that has been a major catalyst in the development of new and exciting contemporary art in Dubai & India.

Formed and directed by artists in the city of Dubai, the gallery’s role as a not-for-profit group is to support contemporary art and the artists that produce it. The mandate goes beyond presenting visual art exhibitions and extends into multi-disciplinary activities including workshops and lectures, media arts installations, offsite public artworks contemporary art, and mentorship and education of youth. Superior works to provide and increase opportunities for the research, production, presentation, promotion and dissemination of the work of artists.

Main Programming – International, national, and regional professional artists.

Open Space Programming – Emerging, new generation artists, collectives, and arts organizations.

Arts Education – Emphasizes mentorship and education of students and new generation artists so that they may gain experience in the research, production and presentation of contemporary art in a professional environment.



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United Arab Emirates
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  • Artist : Lancy Dennis

    Believes - Resilience and Grit can leads to Excellence!        
    Passionate, Determined and Dedicated. Artist sensibility from childhood. A seasoned self-taught artist. Loves to journey through different art mediums. Experience on Acrylic, soft pastels, decoupage, water colours, Craft and doodle art coupled with relief texture and symbolic design art works.

  • Artist : Sapan Kalley

    An Indian national born Graphic Designer and Fine Artist. She finds her passion for brushes and paints doing landscapes.

    Painting landscapes forces us to get outside and find the beauty around you like therapeutic meditation. She likes to paint Forests, lakes, ponds, oceans, mountains, deserts and cities… There is beauty to be found everywhere.

  • Artist : Sapna Gupta Singh

    Artist who likes to explore more about people’s emotions.

    She tries to portray those emotions through her paintings. 

    After leaving the multimedia field she started to explore more about her artistic skills in different mediums later she took the initiative to make her paintings in watercolors.

    Her inspirations for paintings are people who have certain aura and unanswered questions in their eyes. Her paintings have been part of Fabriano in Acquarello, Italy

  • Artist : Varsha Parab

    Good books and Paintings have always been friends of mine. It gives me company, comfort, and motivation towards life. This is an ideal life for me and I truly enjoy it's each moment. 

    Being passionate about Art-Painting, I spend most of the time creating all types of painting by using traditional mediums like Watercolour, Acrylic, Oil, Coloured Pencils, etc and Digital medium too.  I love to do paintings using all mediums. 

  • Artist : Riya Bubukwar 

    Young Indian artist, studying in Dubai. She strives to hold up a mirror against society through her paintings, using bright colour schemes of various mediums and their techniques. Riya has always believed in unity, peace and the strength of art to bring people together.

    As the artist describes, “The feeling of paint against a canvas has always made me feel peaceful.” Riya has been creating art since a very young age and has won prizes for her innate talent.

  • Artist : Amira Ashrafadini

    Artist based from Iran. “Art is her passion, Art is her life, she can't imagine my life without Art. " Something she love to do."

    She feels Art is something we do, a verb. Art is an expression of our thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires, but it is even more personal than that, it's about sharing the way we experience the world or our soul, which for many is an extension of personality.

  • Artist : Selina Castellino

    She live in Dubai, a city in U.A.E. where the opportunities are endless. As a child, she always loved playing with sand, shells and colourful pebbles.

    Mosaic art soothes her mind and calms her soul, making a better artist and​ individual. She is been displaying my Mosaic Art at various exhibitions and events in the U.A.E over a decade.  She would like to expand her horizon. 

  • Artist : Lipika Das

    She started painting at a tender age of 8 years but didn’t get any opportunity to fulfill the hunger of learning and demonstrating art.  So, established herself as a language and soft skill professor but the desire to become an artist drive her to drop the career of teaching and pursue her passion.

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