Zahra Goulamhoussen returns to World Art Dubai

03 Sep 2018

Zahra Goulamhoussen returns to World Art Dubai

World Art Dubai
Zahra Goulamhoussen

Zahra Goulamhoussen is enthusiastically returning to World Art Dubai 2019.

Her artwork is influenced by two of her greatest personal interests; wildlife and Islamic architecture. 

The former inspired the majority of her early artwork which explores the world as we know it; one dominated by the human form. She portrays it using animal juxtapositions in an ornate style making her pieces seem surreal yet wonderful. She responds to black and white, both in the literal sense and metaphoric. Yet not without that little splash of colour. These character traits resonate in many of her pieces.

After relocating to the Middle East, her artwork has been heavily influenced by the detailed and ornate architecture in the region. She is inspired by the symmetry and organic patterns in the interiors and exteriors of the monumental Islamic structures. It is this inspiration that is reflected in her complex hyper detailed compositions. Her ornate works include intricate designs incorporating both Islamic and Asian patterns resulting in a vibrant fusion of cultural art forms. She work with Inks, Acrylic and Charcoal to give her pieces greater depth and strength.

More recently, her artwork resonates more with her Indian roots. Most of her latest pieces incorporate Mandalas portraying underlying journeys, leading to the formulation of complex ornate compositions. Here, she has continued to explore the use of Acrylics alongside Inks to give a combination of boldness and beauty.

"I love what I do, I enjoy it, its fulfilling and it feels pretty good to create something beautiful everyday!" says Zahra.

See her work.

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