The youngest artist at World Art Dubai 2019

22 Oct 2018

The youngest artist at World Art Dubai 2019

World Art Dubai
Aarav Verma

Get to know the youngest artist at World Art Dubai 2019.

Aarav started painting when he was three and ever since he has taken his artistic capabilities forward growing by leaps and bounds every year, and what started as a mere hobby has now bloomed into a passion that could compete with big names in the art world.

If you view his artworks, the variety of mediums used and the keen sense of space and colors will make it difficult for you to believe they have been created by a ten-year-old boy.

The thought process and the inspiration to his work are something that only Aarav knows, which he is unable to explain, he says that they are whatever is in his mind at that moment; a direct representation of his thought.

With over 400 works, Aarav has partaken in different events and occasions since 2014 in India and overseas.

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