A night at the Alkaff mansion

Nataasha Thwin Z16
This is one of the colonial building in Singapore while Singapore have alot of morden buildings. Alkaff Mansion is quite far and people were rarely visting there. While nataasha was studying in Singapore, on one fine she was jogging around singapore jungle and found that building. The time was around 6 pm and the sun was down when she accidently reach to the Alkaff Mansion. Now its was opperated as resturant and the resturant owner was explainded about the history of the Alkaff Building. There is a good memory about lost track and strange feeling that she can not use GPS when returning home.
Art Style:
  • Modernism
  • Abstract
  • Acrylic painting
Size and orientation:
  • Medium
  • Black
  • Blue
  • acrylic
  • alkaff
  • mansion
  • night
  • painting
  • singapore
  • tissue
  • $501 - $1,000
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