Blue door

Art4You C15, E15


Height - 154.4 cm

Width - 152.4 cm

Depth - 4cm

 Year - 2016

Prachi Shah is a Vadodara based artist who used to dabble in art since school days. The hobby of childhood became a passion later on.  Being a student of psychology and having had no formal training in the field of art, she learnt her basics from her guru Shree Ramesh Pandya, an eminent artist.  She was not only connected to human behaviour but also to its roots; the nature. Being a nature lover, she started her journey as a Sunday painter and before she realised, she was a core of various group shows and exhibitions.  Among the group shows, her most acclaimed work was 'The Shukrawari Bazar' which is based on the famous Friday flea market of Vadodara.  Being a resident of this city past eight years, she found herself most connected to the very essence of the city which had a new perspective all together. Her work represents a quintessential nature and human story. While acrylic on canvas is her favourite medium of representation, she has shown her versatility by also communicating her ideas and thoughts through copper, paper, wood installations, etc.  She has shown keen interest to work on themes like Repercussions  on the effects of war, personification of women, Indian mythology of Tilak , etc. She has been encouraging and teaching a lot of people of different ages to create what they seek for. Change is what inspires her the most and this mediation between nature and time is what keeps her going.




Art Style:
  • Abstract
  • Expressionism
  • Acrylic painting
Size and orientation:
  • Large
  • Square
  • Blue
  • acrylic
  • blue
  • canvas
  • door
  • painting
Price Range:
  • $1,001 - $5,000
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