Swarovski art inspired by Cleopatra


Yuka has been interested in both BEAUTY and SPIRIT from her childhood.


I order to combine these concepts; Yuka received a Therapist Certificate from an authoritative organization in U.S (The American Board of Hypnotherapy and NLP) and started her career as a creator of Blink arts for healing.


Since states of mind/spirit are clearly reflected on arts, Yuka works on mind care as a therapist as well.


Blink art is one of new artistic techniques using small crystal glass balls made by Swarovski. Yuka can create fantastic shining new world by putting many crystal glass balls on several objects. In addition, Yuka originated her own products by combining Japanese traditional paper (“Washi”) and Swarovski, on which high attentions are paid as unique arts.




2016   Special Awards, Design Contest hosted by Swarovski Japan

2013   Semi Grand Prix, Design Contest hosted by Swarovski Japan

2012   Semi Grand Prix, Design Contest hosted by Swarovski Japan

2011   Outstanding Performance Award, 3rd Blink Art Competition

2010   Outstanding Performance Award, 2nd Blink Art Competition




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Size and orientation:
  • Small
Dimensions: 24.2x24.2cm
Price Range:
  • $1,001 - $5,000
Price: AED6020 (USD1640) -
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