Irina Asaeva

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This art work contains a ciphered word again – this time the word “мир” (which has in English two different translations: “peace” and “world”), to be exact, мирмирмирмирмирмирмир......". Generally, such paintings should transmit powerful energy charge, stand out in the capacity of the program or be a talisman. For hundred times repeated word plus the colours which were historically associated with the sacral world… The works of Irina Asaeva show the synthesis of arts: of painting (not only because of the material and techniques but also because they are very picturesque), mosaic (for the method), text (Irina includes the citations from the literature, prayers etc) and design (if we close our eyes to the conception of these art works, we will still see some very well-made design objects).



In this painting Irina Asaeva ciphered a prayer. The most captivating here is that the artist placed inside the squares the ornamental pattern of triangles (left figure-hypostasis), circles (central figure) and again squares (right figure).

To invent something new in the sphere of art is pretty difficult. We wander around the Internet, scroll the blogs, visit the exhibitions and travel the world to see more or less well-made contemporary art works which, however, repeat, basically, one another. In appropriate academic publications some of such phenomena are called post-modernistic as they put already existent cultural achievements in the modern context. In other words, it is the repetition of something what had been said many times but by the different voice.

Concerning contemporary art, I have to say that, even being interested in it and familiar with all this process, I would better call myself sceptic, rather than optimist. And it is not even because an artist must certainly surprise me with something new. It has just been long time ago since the last time the artists produced either emotional and intuitive or truly intellectual art.

One day I was invited to visit the workshop of a Moscow female artist. Back then, I was not familiar with the works of Irina Asаeva, I did not even know, what methods she uses and style she works in. When I entered the room, my first reaction was: “Paul Klee” (thus, from the very beginning I inclined myself to some unoriginal following or even imitation from that young artist). But his was quite another story…

I love such moments when, while becoming convinced of the opposite, you get fascinated. Isn’t it the essential mission of Art? It is only pity that often the particular art work must be explained to be understood – and without the words it has much less power and sometimes is not able to speak for itself.


Each of these countless squares contains one ciphered letter: neither colour, nor configuration is accidental. The resources of enciphering include even the ancient books on numerology. What exactly was ciphered in this work? A big citation from the chapter “Plastic Art” from the book “Principles of Art History: The Problem of the Development of Style in Later Art” written by the art historian Heinrich Wölfflin. I find it interesting that Irina continues the artistic concept of plastic with the idea of choreographic plastic and depicts the dancing people through these squares.


Art Style:
  • Figurative
Size and orientation:
  • Medium
  • Beige
Price Range:
  • $1,001 - $5,000
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