Arrangement of the traditional Japanese family crest “Maruni Tachibana”, same as the Japanese shrine worshipping the God of sweets, combined with “Fleur-Doris”. The background and patterns are all of sugar. Exhibited at the Japan Expo France 2018.


Sugar artist / Pastry chef


Japan, Fukui native Born in 1991


Based in Kobe, I make ornamental wedding cakes and also work as a school instructor.


Sugar art is a technique for decorating cakes with edible ingredients, mainly sugar.

Sugar art works designed on canvas can be stored semipermanently.


I break the notion that “Patissier is the cake maker”

Sugar artist draws a picture with sugar.


I started the industry's first sugarart performance.

Shrine x Music x Sugar art




Philosophy ... I want to make many people happy by making use of strengths beyond the boundaries of the industry.

Vision ... I want to create a world where many people who can express themselves are born




2019 Kobe / 61th Christmas Cake Contest Sugar Art Division Grand Prize

2018 UK / Cake International small decoration Division Bronze Award

2018 Tokyo / Sugar Craft Contest Piping Award

2015 Kobe / Sugar Art EXPO Bronze Award

2014 Kyoto / Sugar Art EXPO Bronze Award

2008 BS Fuji 1st Sweets Koshien Tournament Winner


~Activity history~


2019 Fukui / Keyakokuryu Shrine Sugarart Performance

2019 Aomori / Uto Shrine Sugarart Performance

2019 Aichi / Tatsuki Shrine Sugarart Performance

2019 Kobe / Hashiudo Shrine Sugarart Performance & Solo Exhibition

2018 France / Japan Expo Exhibition

2017 Fukui / Cake Decoration Class Wilton Fukui open

2016 Convenience Suites produce

Size and orientation:
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Vertical
Dimensions: 35x26cm
Price Range:
  • $501 - $1,000
Price: AED10000 (USD2723)
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