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Jose Carlos Villarejo Garcia W19

My form of art (Islamic Guadameci Art) is an ancient artistic technique used in Cordoba since the times of the arabic Caliphate (10th Century). It was a form of art that was highly valued by royalty. It was used to adorn palaces and to make luxurious gifts.

My guadameci creations transport us back in time and bond us in reverance to Al-lah. This Guadameci art reflects the appreciation of beauty in all its forms, above all, the geometrical. The desings representing nature allows us to imagine our entry into the Eternal Garden.

My name is Jose Carlos Villarejo García ( I am an artist and I am the owner and director of the museum Guadameci Omeya in Cordoba, Spain. Cordoba has a strong bond with the Arab culture. Since early times in history, Cordoba was a muslim Caliphate. It is for this reason that Cordoba today is the city that represents the wisdom and beauty of the arabic culture. This can be appreciated in its architecture, gastronomy and works of art. Due to the passing of time many artistic traditions have been lost. Fortunately, as an artist and expert in arabic techniques, I have continued the islamic Guadameci form of art.

I come from a family of artists who have passed on their crafmanship form generation to generation. Since childhood I have learnt the techniques related to the crafting of leather. Later in life, it is my passion for the ancient Islamic Guadameci technique that has made me become the only artist in the world to develop and promote it.

I have the honour to be the only remaining artist to continue this splendorous artistic expression, maintaining the original beauty, philosophy, luxury and refinement of the craft. As a result I have been given the Hernan Ruiz Award, a unique reward in recognition for my initiative to recuperate the original, ancient artistic essence and techniques of the Islamic Guadameci Art.

This will be my second visit to the Emirates. Last year I exhibited my art in the Art Museum of Sharjah at the Islamic Art Festival in 2019. On this occasion I am presenting my work of art in the “World Art Dubai 2020” exhibition in the Trade Center Arena, DWTC.

Art Style:
  • Figurative
  • Contemporary
Size and orientation:
  • Medium
  • Horizontal
Dimensions: 62x42 cm
  • Blue
  • Bronze
  • Gold
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Yellow
Price Range:
  • $10,001 - $20,000
Price: -.- AED / -.- USD
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