Parent and Child Cats

Japan Promotion B28

Paper art / Japanese paper, Mother-of-pearl / 40×40×40cm

Presenting the love between parent and child. The love of a parent cat for its child is strong and deep. This work is a lucky charm.


 Nobuaki Mikasa  has a career that spans 16 years. He entered the world of paper art when he encountered quilling. His distinct cutting style stems from taking advantage of his work experience as a barber and expanding on that ability with special training. The delicate nature of his cut paper is well-established. He is particular about the paper he uses, and in most cases, he favors traditional Japanese paper of the Echizen Washi variety. In 2012, he acquired trademark registration for “symphonic paper art”.

Art Style:
  • Mixed media
Size and orientation:
  • Small
  • White
Price Range:
  • $5,001 - $10,000
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